Friday 15 May 2009

Friday's Forgotten Book - Gun Feud by Frank Arnside

Frank Arnside
Black Horse Western
Published 2001
So why a Black Horse Western as Friday's forgotten book? Mainly, because there are some good titles and authors out there who are worth a visit.
Also, we are in the middle of the build up towards the June Wild West Monday.
Between the covers of 'Gun Feud' is a book that was originally published back in 1956 by J.S.Marlowe and copyrighted to A A Glynn. It is, also, good to see these old titles get a 'fresh' outing.
'Gun Feud' rang bells with me as soon as I started reading it and I am pretty certain that I read the book in my younger years.
Will Callender rides out of Arizona looking to avenge the death of his brother at the hands of Cy Tambaugh a greedy landowning cattleman. Tambaugh has surrounded himself with hired guns and other hardcases with orders to remove Callender. But Callender has a secret and for as long as he has it Tambaugh has no choice but to keep him alive.
Both protagonist and antagonist are well drawn to the point that the reader gets drawn in to this well constructed novel. Interest is never lost in this action packed page turner.


David Cranmer said...

Sounds like a good one and I love that Black Horse cover art.

Anonymous said...

I haven't a copy of this book, but A. A. Glynn was the author of the very first BHW you read, Trail to Sonora by Tom Hughes. You will remember you had an entry about this at your blog on March 10. You asked then for some history, and I gave what I knew in the comments. Others interested in this "Frank Arnside" book might like to pop over and catch up at The Education of a Pulp Writer.