Tuesday 22 February 2011


As things come together - so the wife and I are going to up sticks and move to healthier climes.
As soon as I stood at the window and saw the sea rushing in I knew that this was the place for me. Being a writer I could have written that sentence a touch better but you get the jist.
The view from the main bedroom window is just as good. So if I get a touch of insomnia then, maybe, the moon on the water will give me a Pink Floyd moment.
Unfortunately, the cost of all this luxury will be the snail like internet connection that comes with it. Seems that fibre-optic cable haven't reached these parts. I have a fibre optic Christmas tree but Virgin Media mentioned that it would not help with my problem.
Mind you Christmas Day looks rather fun as all the locals turn into lemmings and charge headlong into the sea. They do this despite the icy conditions and, somehow, seem to survive.
The best place to fish is from the beach. Good excuse to leave the house and spend time out doors reading a BHW while catching dinner.
Be assured that 'Broken Trails' will return.

Friday 4 February 2011

RON WATKINS - 1930 to 2011

It is with great sadness that I have learned of the death of fellow Black Horse Western writer Ron Watkins.

Ron began his writing career with detective novels the first being 'Death Draws The Curtain' in 1973.
Ron was born in 1930 and educated at Leominster Grammer school. He worked as a librarian with Rhondda Borough Council rising to the position of Deputy County Librarian with Mid-Glamorgan County Council. He was also a reader for a London publisher and President of the Bridgend Writers Circle.
His first Black Horse Western 'Lowry's Revenge' was published in 1993 and was the first of his novels that I read. The hero was an actor and began with a scene from Shakespeare's 'King Lear'.
With contributions to 'Writing Magazine' and the production of a play 'Sextet' Ron Watkins was always the versatile writer.

Broken Trails sends condolences to Ron's family. His talent is something that will be missed.

Wednesday 2 February 2011


A while back I thought that the book of the game would be a good idea. Something along the lines of book of the movie sort of thing.
A visit to our local Waterstone's showed shelves lined with novels (not graphic novels though they are around too).
These novelisations are of some of the popular console games around like:
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood plus another couple of titles that precede this.
Gears Of War
Dragon Age
Dead Space

Rumour has it that there are more novelisations in the pipeline.