Monday 7 April 2014

THE UNDERTAKER: Here Endeth The Streak

Wrestlemania 30 was a mistake. At least, that is my personal view.
Over the past few years my interest in wrestling has waned and when it does spark up then I have a preference for TNA.

But - or should that be BUT - once a year my attention goes to Wrestlemania - not so much for anything else other than the streak.
The Undertaker's winning streak stood at 21-0 until last night when a part-timer; a former WWE champion no less; Brock Lesner ended it all with an F-5.

For all his stage presence Brock Lesner (and I don't deny him his win here) just wasn't the right choice. If The Undertaker's streak was going to end then the honour should have gone to Kane or to someone who could build a career on the victory - as John Cena did after defeating Chris Jericho and Big Show.

Then again what about the real clash of the titans - The Phenom against the equal legend that is Sting? Neither could in all honesty win that match - it would have to be a double k.o.

Sadly, the ending of The Undertaker's streak is equal to killing a golden goose. Next year I won't be watching because someone pulled the plug on the magic.