Wednesday 1 May 2013


This is a view across the River Orwell - this river divides Essex (opposite) from Suffolk.
To the left of this photo is the Port of Felixstowe. On the other side where the sheds are is the town of Harwich, Essex.
Christopher Jones lived in Harwich and parked up outside his cottage was a small ship that usually plied a trade with Europe with wool and wine.
In 1620, with Christopher Jones as master, that little ship - the 'Mayflower' was set to change the history of the world. With a crew of Essex and Suffolk men he set sail with 120 passenger pilgrims for the New World.

Now, close to 400 years later plans are afoot to build a replica of the 'Mayflower' - hopefully, it will be ready to sail to 'The New World' in 2016.

As a footnote: Essex and Suffolk are home to some of the British western writers. George G. Gilman the creator of 'Edge', 'Adam Steele' and 'The Undertaker' was born in Essex.