Tuesday 29 March 2011


Series 1 of the western tv series that shot Clint Eastwood onto the world stage is already available.

Series 2 will be released on Region 2 on the 4th April 2011

Series 3 will be released 11th July 2011

Saturday 26 March 2011

HOMEFRONT:THE VOICE OF FREEDOM by John Milius and Raymond Benson

Between them John Milius (Apocalypse Now) and Raymond Benson (James Bond novelisations) have created a frightening future.
The main storyline begins in 2025 and concerns a disillussioned journalist, Ben Walker, and a Korean 'sleeper' Yi Dae-Hyan aka Salmusa.
The USA has lost it's way. The recession and the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns have weakened the economy and the standing on the world stage has diminished.
The Middle East is in flames and the cost of oil has become prohibitive.
In Asia, there is a leadership change in Korea. The leader is charismatic enough to engineer a re-unification with South Korea. The Philipines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam join in to become part of the Greater Korean Republic. Japan doesn't get the choice but that is just a step away from the ultimate plan.
Rich and powerful the GKR has the weakened America in it's sights.
In the US the man who will co-ordinate the invasion works as an electrician in San Francisco - but it is Salmusa who sends out the first wave as the metros in 12 cities are bombed simultaneously.
Ben Walker, the journalist, is tired. He is just a hack who covers celebrity lives. Certainly, not a hero. He knows what the world is like but as long as he can run his BSA motorbike and have a Jack Daniels he is happy.
Then the lights go out....and his journey to become The Voice Of Freedom begins.
Milius and Benson have written a captivating book. The build up is believable and Ben Walker is in the dark as to what is happening. In a world of chaos he meets up with the resistance. Of course, Salmusa is the man given the sole task of gagging the voice of freedom. The climax leaves the reader wanting more.

And this is only the beginning as John Milius has brought many of the characters from the book to a videogame 'Homefront' that is set in 2027.
All this has resulted in some controversy. It is said that the game from THQ and Kaos will not be available in South Korea. The Japanese version has no references to Korea or the leadership.
The premise isn't new I seem to recall back in the sixties that had the Chinese invading Britain. I can't remember the title as it was one of many at the time of similar ilk.
Still....Homefront 2: London is on the cards.

Thursday 17 March 2011


with a pic from the window of our new home.