Tuesday 11 October 2011


Recently new blogs from here have had to be published via a roundabout route.
The Wowzio thing has disappeared - hasn't been seen for some time.
People leave comments - but I can't reply.
I read other peoples' blogs - David Cranmer, Patti Abbott, James Reasoner, Gary Dobbs et al - just can't leave a comment.
Everywhere I go I'm told to sign in - and arrive back at the dashboard where I'm already signed in.
Tried with this computer.
Tried with my laptop.
Tried with the library computer.
Tried with my son's blackberry thingy.
My daughters, granddaughters and sons have tried via their computers and discovered that the problem exists no matter what they do.

For a while I thought that this was just happening to me. Until someone else e-mailed me to say that I wasn't alone and that they had heard from someone else that their blog had gone the same way.

So what has Blogger.com got to say about that? Dunno, as soon as you hit the 'contact us' button you get 'You have to be signed in to do that' kind of message.

Maybe, I shouldn't have tried the updated Blogger interface.

It seems that every year Broken Trails has been hit. Last year it was wrong security certificates - spam - etc. Now it has reached the stage where I'm thinking three strikes and I'm out of here.
I'll continue to read blogs but won't be able to comment.