Tuesday 23 February 2010


Terrell L. Bowers and I have two things in common. We were born in the same year and our first Robert Hale Westerns were published in the same year.

The legend that is Tornado Tess is a dime novel heroine - the invention of writer A.J.Cole. Tess solves mysteries in the wild west, a place that the author has never been.
A letter from a fan asking for help changes all that as Amanda Jane Cole sets out for the outlaw fortress known as Little Babylon in the wastelands of New Mexico.
Also, heading there is Whitney Scott who is hunting down the men who killed his family, burned down the ranch and took the horse herd.
Travelling aboard the same stage Scott agrees to act as Amanda's bodyguard.
Little Babylon is a full blown town run on rigid rules that has it's own law. All presided over by Justin Dante Huntley - a man with a vision.
Although, Scott finds no one he knows in town, someone knows him and there are two attempts on his life.
Amanda goes on a mission to prove the innocence of a man.

This book is that good that to say any more would be like throwing out a fistful of spoilers. The main reason is that this book is so full of characters that the plot lines take a back seat and yet the story tells itself.
Terrell L. Bowers writes good books but 'The Legend Of Tornado Tess' is something else. It is like a combination of the way westerns were told with a dash of pulp and that something new that lifts this book above the norm.
If you only read one Black Horse Western this year, then this should be that book.
It is released at the end of this month.


Nik Morton said...

Yes, I was intrigued by the blurb and the title. Thanks for a god review that's twisting my arm to buy yet another book for my (too big) collection!

Steve M said...

Great review, makes me want to read it - and I was going to next but as you've beat me to it, so to speak, I think I'll pick one of the other BHW out this month. :)