Friday 10 April 2009

Wild West Monday is next June

Well if you've visited The Tainted Archive recently you know that it has been suggested that we all - readers and writers alike - start e-mailing publishers about putting more westerns on the shelves.
Seems like the idea has gained an interest with a young gun who is wondering why Penguin Books publish westerns in the US but not in the UK. Is he asking that question of The Tainted Archive? No - he's gone to Penguin Books with his question.
Not only that but he's gunning for Transworld Publishers' brands Corgi and Bantam with the self-same question - and in doing so has pointed out something that should have been obvious (well, to me at least).
Well, Gary at The Tainted Archive has written off to Penguin and so will I and I'll also follow the young gun and give him some back up with the Corgi/Bantam lot. Then I'll hit some of the other publishers.
It occurs to me though that there are some American western authors out there who have their books published by Bantam. Have they never wondered why their books are not available in the UK? Seems to me that this is a question that they should be asking.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

RAY as usual you are on the money - let's kick arse for the western

Paul D Brazill said...

I'm trying to get hold of the Polish translations of some western books that were popular during communism! will get back to you on THAT!

Nik Morton said...

The thing about Bantam westerns not being available in UK - maybe they just sit on their hands now, since online bookshops can sell their books all over the world? Doesn't help those without access to the internet/online bookshop accounts and rely on those old fashioned emporiums called bookshops...