Saturday 11 April 2009

Maurice Jarre 1924 - 2009

Just discovered that Maurice Jarre, the film composer, died recently at the end of March.
Maurice Jarre became well known for his themes to Lawrence Of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago amongst many others like Grand Prix, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Is Paris Burning? and Jesus Of Nazareth.
Like many others it is that single piece from the film 'Witness' titled the Building Of The Barn that I remember him for.
There is a brilliant tribute to Maurice Jarre at Scott D Parker's blog.
Maurice Jarre was the father of the composer Jean Michel Jarre and the scriptwriter of 'Tombstone' Kevin Jarre.


Nik Morton said...

Missed this sad news, so thanks for that. I was sad when Jerry Goldsmith went... and now Jarre. Like John Barry, Jarre's music always seemed recognisable. Yes, the Barn Building music is superb, very emotional.
Nik/Ross Morton

Scott D. Parker said...

Thanks for the praise. I'm one of those guys who never knew who Jarre was until Witness. Living in Houston, his brother, Jean-Michel, staged Rendevous Houston in 1986. THAT was something incredible. Now, I want to listen to older M Jarre music.