Saturday 1 January 2011


Back in 2000 Rebellion took over the comic 2000AD.
Seeing an opportunity to expand they opened up an independant book imprint with 2000AD's graphic novels editor, Jonathan Oliver, taking the reins.
The first novel appeared in 2006 and over the last few years have published a fistful of titles. Amongst which are 'The Afterblight Chronicles' that includes a trilogy of novels by Scott Andrews (previously reviewed) and another from Paul Kane.
There is sword and sorcery tales under the collective title of 'Twilight Of Kerebos':
steampunk tales under the title 'Pax Brittania' and the gory zombie stomping world of 'Tomes Of The Dead'.
And now Pat Kelleher's 'No Man's World' series that kicks off with 'Black Hand Gang'.
Despite being around since 2006 it is only in recent months that these books have found their way onto the shelves of a book shop near me.
To me these books have that connection to the old days of 2000AD - in that they could so easily come in graphic form. But it is 2000AD for adults.
Well, Broken Trails will be reviewing Pat Kelleher's 'Black Hand Gang' and Paul Kane's 'Arrowhead' shortly.
If you want to know more about the books, authors and e-books go to

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