Sunday, 31 January 2010


What a marathon - The Tainted Archive ( hosted over 100 articles relating to the Black Horse Westerns. A mammoth undertaking that Broken Trails takes it hat off to.
There were interviews:
Matthew P. Mayo
Gillian F. Taylor
David Whitehead
Lance Howard
Jack Giles
Chuck Tyrell
Chap O'Keefe
Many of whom also submitted articles on writing, the Black Horse Western community and facts about the West and one that proved that the Black Horse Western was more popular than Harry Potter.
Dave Lewis and Steve M of the blog Western Fiction Review provided various book reviews.
All together and in full technicolour with sound-a-round and in 3-D we were treated to an epic Black Horse Western weekend.
Congratulations to Gary Dobbs who worked his fingers to the bone on this.

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