Tuesday 22 January 2013


BBC News at One - 21st January 2013.

Now it is official and out there for everyone to see.
That image that everyone has of teenagers armed with games controllers glued to their TV sets has been proved to be a myth.
It is us - the older generation that have control and the games industry are waking up to that fact.
Hilda Knott is 86 years old next birthday and plays GTA on her PS3 - in fact she has been playing computer games for over 40 years and still plays regularly with her 96 year old aunt.
And when she's not playing on the console then she has an iPad.

Well, I've never considered myself too old to rock n roll - and it is nice when you meet a youngster online who shows respect when they discover the age of this opponent.

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Neil A. Waring said...

I do many youg people like things, but no games. Too much for an ol' Wyoming Cowboy like me. I do play golf, fish, hike, travel, read, go to lot of sporting events. Trying to stay young - oh, I do play some online cards.