Wednesday 16 January 2013

BLOCKBUSTER - Another Casualty

My wife and I had never been to a midnight release of anything. Harry Potter books; a new movie or game was something that we had never done.
So, on the night of 12th November armed with a thermos of coffee we arrived at the local branch of Blockbuster. The shop was crowded out and we stood around talking to people who were waiting for the midnight release. Everyone there were local - people who had passed in the street were now engaged on common ground.
Some may dismiss the idea of going to a midnight launch but, at least, we had been there and done it.

The local Blockbuster in Felixstowe is not just a store that rents and sells dvds and games but a place where you actually meet people. And when you think about it this branch of Blockbuster is the only place that sells the latest dvds and games in town. The alternative is to trek 17 miles into Ipswich and visit HMV and Game. Except even their fate appears to be sealed along with that of Blockbuster who went into liquidation today.
Listen to the BBC interviews and nobody seems to be bothered - all citing, streaming and downloading as their preference. Still, I wonder what they will do when all the stores have gone and they can only buy online on laptops and computers that are out of date and cannot be replaced because a) there are no stores to buy replacements from and b) they cannot access the online stores.
Indifference can be so self-defeating.
Not everybody has a computer - let alone know how to use one.

I don't know the solution to this one but I can see the end of the High Street as we know it. Instead it will be Supermarkets laughing all the way to the bank while you eat horsemeat burgers.

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