Monday 4 April 2011

STARPACKER by David Whitehead

This book is a 1990 edition from the Black Horse Western brand.

Tom Hunter has served just half of a 10 year sentence at Yuma for the theft of silver bullion and the murder of a stage driver and the guard.
As it comes clear Hunter was framed and his arrival in the town of Carver is no accident. They want a town marshall and he sees that as a way to bring the true criminal to justice. Only when the confrontation arrives does Hunter realise how naive he had been.
Trouble is that his adversary, Jason Birchell, not only has an interest in the local paper but is a powerful man around town. A man who will use any means possible to discredit and kill his nemesis.
David Whitehead weaves his web and keeps the reader hooked to the end.
For anyone looking to read their first western then this book would fit the bill.
Look out for the Judge and Dury series and the Heller novels from this writer, too.


Steve M said...

Strange you should post a review of this Ray, as I'm currently reading a book David is part author of: Cannon for Hire as by Doug Thorne.

Ray said...

Looking forward to 'Cannon For Hire'.
Still goes to show that great minds etc.