Thursday 7 April 2011


Yang (Jang Dong Gun)is a warrior charged with ending a feud with a rival clan. However, the last enemy is just a baby and he refuses to make the killing blow. As a fugitive from the clan, Yang makes his way to the American west - to the town of Lode that is inhabited by circus folk. Here he befriends Lynne (Kate Bosworth)and together they open up a laundry and bring up the baby between them.
The clan are not behind waiting to hear the sound of Yang's singing sword.
Come Christmas and The Colonel (Danny Huston)arrives with his gang. There is history between The Colonel and Lynne for it was she who left him disfigured and he now wears a leather mask.
Yang wades in and the sword begins to sing.
At the same time the town drunk, Ron (Geoffrey Rush) decides to sober up and dig up his rifle. Outlaws and townspeople have to team up as the clans attack in what is a climatic bloodbath. Lynne has her showdown with the Colonel and Yang faces his mentor.
Not a great film but a good marriage of East and West with some brilliant set pieces. A sword practice to 'The Sailor's Hornpipe' is an instance that comes to mind. This is not a film to be taken seriously - it is pure fantasy and fun.

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