Friday, 3 December 2010


So England won't be hosting the 2018 World Cup. In some ways I'm quite happy that World Cup is going to Russia - the games have never been held there.
But...FIFA's excuse for England not winning the bid is down to the British Media and the BBC Panorama programme for their allegations of corruption within FIFA.
Seems to me, now, that something might just be wrong when people say one thing and do another.

Unlike another guilty party, David Chaytor, the MP who said that he had done nothing wrong in the expenses scandal - at least he has now held his hands and pleaded guilty.

If you do wrong then it all catches up with you in the end.

AND to another topic.
Complaints abound about the lack of salt and grit on the roads. Shortages? There is always one way to get to the truth of the matter - put the Transport Minister on the TV to say that 'there are no shortages'. There is 150,000 tons of the stuff on it's way to us. Reassuring words? No, because whenever a Minister speaks the truth is very often the opposite of what he says.

Still with the snow.
Royal Mail has been unable to deliver our post for the past few days. Until last night this was quite acceptable - I mean we are knee deep in snow.
Then we sat down to watch the BBC's 'The One Show' (2/12/2010) and guess what - there was a BBC film crew and presenter up in my neck of the woods. Right there filming from the corner of my road.
So if the BBC can get here why can't the postman?
Health and Safety is the reply.


Unknown said...

The proof of climate change? As I remember it from my childhood, snow in southern England didn't really settle much before January and February. We would look wishfully at the traditional, Dickensian Christmas cards, and the snow decorating the titles on the Christmas numbers of our weekly comics, and wonder how the tradition ever started!

I.J. Parnham said...

In a way though, I blame the media for the disappointment of us not getting the World Cup (for which I'm delighted as I detest football). Yet again all those reporters they sent out there worked themselves into a frenzy on the rolling 24 hours news. The result was they lost all sense of reality and convinced themselves that we'd get something that was never, ever coming here.

Ray said...

I agree, Ian. Anyway we don't have an England team - and if we do then it is just Wayne Rooney.

Keith - Snow and Christmas is tradition.