Friday 17 December 2010


I wonder if anyone remembers a British author Peter Van Greenaway.
During the the sixties, seventies and eighties he was quite a popular author both as a novelist and short story writer.
In 1974 he wrote a novel called 'Take The War To Washington'. The novel concerned a group of Vietnam veterens who feeling sidelined and neglected by the country that sent them to war decide to take that very war to Washington.
Well they set the ball rolling by crashing a passenger plane into the Pentagon before setting out to attack the tallest buildings.
A surprising plotline in a forgotten book by a forgotten author about a forgotten army.

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I.J. Parnham said...

I don't know of that novel, but I read a few of his books which I remember as being a nice mixture of thriller and sf type elements. The prophetic idea involving planes and tall buildings also appeared in his The Medusa Touch, which is something of a forgotten book and forgotten film, although it doesn't deserve to be as Richard Burton has never been better.

I also have a recollection that are copies of the book with covers that spookily depicted the 911 attacks about 30 years before they happened. I guess if a more well-known sf author had done that he'd now be acclaimed as a genius.