Wednesday 16 December 2009


Western writer Evan Lewis is the author of part 20 of this exciting western adventure and can be found at Laurie Powers Wild West (

If you haven't read the story before then you can find parts 1 through 16 at The Culbin Trail (
Part 17 by Peter Averillo is at Open Range (
Part 18 by Robert S. Napier is at The Cap'n's Blog (
Part 19 by Richard Prosch at Meridian Bridge (

Part 21 is destined to come from Jack 'The Gimp' Martin and will be found next week on The Tainted Archive. Jack Martin is the author of the chart topping 'The Tarnished Star' and the forthcoming 'Arkansas Smith'.

Many of the authors who have contributed to The Story With No Name are western writers - some write for Robert Hale's Black Horse Western brand.
They have banded together under the Express Western banner to produce a new anthology of western short stories under the title 'A FISTFUL OF LEGENDS'. While many of the contributors are old hands, others are new to the genre.
Don't forget there is a good deal going here. The book will be published on the 31st January 2010 but if you want a copy in advance and with FREE shipping check out the details at:
For the USA - Davy Crockett's Almanack (
For the UK and the Rest Of The World - The Culbin Trail.

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