Thursday 17 December 2009


'Achtung Spitfeuer!'
It is 1940 and Britain stands alone against the German might. Spitfires, Hurricanes, Defiants and antiquated Gloster Gladiators and Fairey Battles are the only aircraft that can stop Hitler from crossing the English Channel.
To mark the 70th Anniversary of The Battle Of Britain Commando Comics have released a new anthology of 10 stories that feature tales of the air war.
These stories range through that of a Czech pilot who has to become a fighter ace because his name is Richtofen. The sons of two World War One aces find themselves in confrontation. Then there are the stories of revenge.
The magic of Commando Comics is not just in the stories but in the black and white illustrations. In this collection they are 25% larger than the originals so that the details stand out. Not only that but it is handy for those of us with aging eyes.
This volume comes with an introduction by former Commando editor, George Low, and a forward by Calum Laird, the current editor.
Good Christmas gift. Like the logo says 'Commando for action and adventure'.


Steve M said...

Must grab a copy of this.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I've seen this in Asda- will put it on my chrissie list

Ray said...

Steve and Gary - £6.99 in The Works