Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Chap O'Keefe and Wild West Monday - 2nd March

Coming up on The Tainted Archive next Monday 2nd March will be the first part in a four week serial of Chap O'Keefe's 'THE SHERIFF AND THE WIDOW'.
At the same time the on line magazine Beat To A Pulp will present a new and exclusive Chap O'Keefe story 'THE UNREAL JESSE JAMES'.
This Friday, 27th February, also sees the publication of Chap O'Keefe's new Black Horse Western novel 'BLAST TO OBLIVION'.
David Cranmer will also be putting some western related articles on his blog 'Education Of A Pulp Writer'.
Links to all the above are in the left panel.
Now I would be grateful for a little help from all the western fans out there.
For some time I have been trying to get Gary some exposure on the BBC Breakfast show. Not only for Wild West Monday but for the phenominal success of his book 'THE TARNISHED STAR'.
To date I have not had even the courtesy of a reply or an acknowledgement.
In typical BBC fashion they do not take the western seriously.
So please help me give them something to think about and give Gary some support by e-mailing the BBC at and/or - in fact use both addresses.
It is one thing to hit the stores and the libraries - but to get the message across all western writers and readers need the exposure to a larger audience.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Thanks Ray.

Unknown said...

Good post, Ray, and thanks from me, too.

I owe many people, e.g. Gary and David, thanks this week, but surely I also owe it to our publisher to mention that I'm actually being given a hat-trick!

The third part (just as important surely?) is that on Friday Hale publish Blast to Oblivion. And there's even more significance in that date, which is alluded to in the opening lines of the article "Blast From the Literary Past" at

Official date stuff aside, pre-ordered copies of the latest O'Keefe novel have already been sent out to many customers. Last time I looked, Amazon UK figured they had "only 1 left in stock -- order soon". Four Amazon-associated dealers were offering four copies at slightly higher prices and without free UK delivery.

David Cranmer said...

It's a western revival! Honestly, I haven't seen this much excitement in western titles in a long time. And much thanks to the three of you for all of your support by sending incredible contributions to BTAP. Btw, that cover to BLAST TO OBLIVION is pulpy supreme.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Ray, for adding to your post the mention of Hale's publication of the latest book. (If anyone is puzzled, my comment above was made earlier.)