Saturday 28 February 2009

Black Horse Express

Anyone interested in Westerns whether as a reader or writer cannot go far wrong by visiting the Black Horse Express site.

On the one hand you can join the chatboard at Yahoo Groups and talk to the authors and other readers. Sometimes it is about trivia but most of the time it is down to the serious business of writing and the western way of life.

The Black Horse Express site itself contains many articles on writers, interviews with authors like Lance Howard and Jory Sherman; historical articles and tips on writing westerns - all aimed at the young and old alike.

If you've never tried an author's work or never read a western then click into an array of excerpts by authors like Ben Bridges, Clay Burnham, Lance Howard, Neil Hunter, Matthew P. Mayo, Ross Morton, Chap O'Keefe, I.J.Parnham, Lee Pierce, Derek Rutherford, Gillian F. Taylor, Chuck Tyrell, Richard Wyler and Jack Giles.

In 2007 Black Horse Express went that stage further and produced an anthology of fourteen short stories under the title 'WHERE LEGENDS RIDE' - all the authors were either Black Horse Western writers or readers but all members of Black Horse Express.

At the moment Black Horse Express is planning another volume that is attracting new writers like Jack Martin to make a contribution.

So why not click into and take a look around - and join in. Authors, readers or those just curious about the western genre - all are welcome.
Since the above was written Black Horse Westerns now has its own blog which can be found at

And don't forget Wild West Monday - March 2nd.


David Cranmer said...

It's a great site that I check several times a week. "In the Shadow of the Tower" was a fine read and I enjoyed the excerpt from LAWMEN.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I too visit this site regularly.

Chris said...

Really nice site! Very navigable and interesting. Would I be out of step to ask for a link on it?