Monday 19 January 2009

Beat To A Pulp

The world of e-zines and online publishing is a completely new world to me.
So when David Cranmer wrote to say that it was a pity that so many of these 'magazines' were closing I thought that I might miss out. Against that trend David has started up his own magazine BEAT TO A PULP with stories editted by Elaine Ashe.
The opening story 'The Instrument Of Their Desire' by Patti Abbott is the story of an elderly lady recalling an incident from the Depression in 1931. It certainly set the benchmark with this warm and emotional story.
What I like about this magazine is the diversity - the reader just doesn't know what sort of story that will be published each week. It is rather like reading an anthology by O. Henry who wrote so many different types of stories.
In contrast to the first story there is 'A Man Called Masters' by Jack Martin - a western that is a cut above with it's attention to some small details. For example, the use that the hero puts a tin pot to when he is stranded in the desert. This is Jack Martin's first published western - his 'The Tarnished Star' will be published as a Black Horse Western in June of this year.
This week's story is by Charles Gramlich called 'Whiskey, Guns And Sin'. An action packed piece that touches a lot of buttons for me. How can I put it - spaghetti westerns mixed with those of the Piccadilly Cowboys meets Hell Ride with a dash of Sin City graphics. The only thing that disappointed me was that, like all good stories, it came to an end.
The total list of stories so far are:
'The Instrument Of Their Desire' by Patti Abbott
'Hard Bite' by Anonymous-9 (worth reading - a little unusual)
'Disimpaction' by Glenn Gray (gives an new meaning about being up to the armpits)
'A Man Called Masters' by Jack Martin
'Backing The Stakes' by Kieran Shea (read it - hate to say anything that would act as a spoiler)
'Whiskey, Guns And Sin' by Charles Gramlich

The link to this magazine can be found on the panel.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Beat to a Pulp is great. Look out for an interview on my blog with Davuid and Elaine in which they tell us what they look for in a story.

Also Ray you will be interested to know that are printing a Chap Okeefe story soon - I'm proud to have acted as a gobetween for Beat to a pulp and Chap.

Guess what it's a western but er, with a twist - Chap tells me The Unreal Jesse James was written before the Brad Pitt
movie and was his satirical response to the many novelists and movie
makers who, over the years, have told the story of what they call the
'real' Jesse James. The Jesse James in Chap's tale, which is a crossover
between several genres, is from the distant future and deep space, and
is definitely not real. . . .

Ray said...

Quite excited to hear that Keith is getting a short story up. I didn't know about your part - but well done you.

pattinase (abbott) said...

David and Elaine are doing a great job, aren't they. I really admire the diversity in the writing.

David Cranmer said...

Ray, Thanks so much for the kind words and not to mention the story you contributed. Elaine and I are very pleased with all the great stories and enthusiasm.

Gary, I can't thank you enough for contacting Chap. His story "The Unreal Jesse James" is going to fit perfectly with BTAP's diverse bunch of stories.

Patti, Thanks for the compliment, we really appreciate everyone's support.

Charles Gramlich said...

A great review. I appreciate the kind words about my story. I'm definitely glad to be linked with Beat to a Pulp. Looking for more great stuff.