Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Nothing like a bit of self-publicity.

This is the latest Jack Giles novel that was published in June this year.

The story centres around two lawmen - Chris Ford and Sam Ward.

Sam is the Marshall and Chris his deputy who attempt to discover who killed Chris's father.

While that is the surface story there are other components to the book that make it character driven.

This is my first book in 9 years - the reason for that will become apparent in time.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Glad to see your blog, Ray. I'll add it to the blog roll on my site.

Ray said...

Thanks, Gary

Steve M said...

Ray it'd seem we have a few similar interests, the obvious one being westerns, but I too like rock music and used to hang out in biker/rock fan pubs and clubs.

All the best with your new blog and I'll be adding it to mine.


Ray said...

Thanks Steve.
I'll be adding more about bikes and rock as I go along.


Unknown said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs, Ray! And back to the BHW line! great cover.

Kerby Jackson said...

Well done, Ray. Well done.

Hopefully I can get Hale to ship one over here.