Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Leather Boys

1964 - Directed by Sidney J Furie

This movie (available on DVD) is set in and around North London's - The Ace Cafe.

The film deals with the breakdown of the too young to get married couple played by Colin Campbell (Reggie) and (Dot) Rita Tushingham. Into the mix comes Pete, played by Dudley Sutton, who moves in.

For a social comment on the life of The Rocker generation this film comes close to reality. Many of the extras were regulars at The Ace.

What makes this film a stand out for the time is that it handled the topic of homosexuality - quite a breakthrough - and is handled well.

Not just a movie for bike buffs (who will pick up the point that an Aerial can't outrace a 'Bonnie'. Norton Dominator - yes but an Aerial - no way.) but for those interested in life back in the sixties.

Rita Tushingham was there for the re-opening of The Ace and Colin Campbell still drops by on a Friday night.

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