Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Ace Cafe - London

This is The Ace Cafe - London - the photo was taken on 13th September 2008.
The Ace celebrates it's 30th Anniversary.
The Ace opened in 1938 as a truck stop cafe and remained that way until the 1960s when it gained a new reputation with the arrival of The Rockers.
Not a bad reputation - but it took on an iconic status that, today, is worldwide.
When it closed in the late 60s it was as though a line had been drawn under an era. For years it became various things including a tyre store. That was until Mark Wilsmore came on to the scene with a vision.
The Ace re-opened in 2001 and I was there for that. Just exhilerating to see the place restored - the live rock n roll bands added to a nostalgic atmosphere. And to see the bass player from Crazy Jay & The Partytimers standing on his bass perched on the edge of the roof. The place went wild.
Nostalgia is never a bad thing. For The Ace was part of my youth and the same goes for many of those who were there.
The Ace now - as then - is a place where people with the same interests come together.