Sunday, 23 April 2017

A FORTUNE FOR WAR by Ryker Frost

This is a Black Horse Western from 1988

Providence Ryan is a farrier by trade from the English county of Hereford but has spent several years in Australia as a convict. Having served his time for housebreaking he has worked his passage to America and is in the process of crossing the continent intending to return home.

Arriving amongst the silver mines of New Town looking for work either for food and lodging or the means to pay for them he bumps into the colourful gambler Ezra G Sheldon who, on hearing Ryan's quest, mentions that he knows of a woman who is desperate for a man.

The woman in question is Anne-Marie Bouchette who's freight wagons of pure silver ore are trapped in a warehouse. With the drivers scared off by unknown forces and the local sheriff and his deputies she needs to find someone who will stand up to them. Trouble is that the law are Confederate soldiers waiting for wagons to take the ore east to fund the Southern cause.

Anne-Marie (real name Ann Mary Butcher) is, also, the local brothel owner. She grew up in Whitechapel in London's East End who, in order to survive, became a prostitute. Seeing a future abroad she arrived in New Orleans via New York. Now she owned her own business and sworn off mixing business with pleasure.

From the moment that they meet there is chemistry between Ryan and Anne-Marie and sparks fly.

Despite his misgivings - Ryan agrees to help even though it means that he has to learn how to use a gun on the job.

In the background there are others with their own agendas the threads of which all come together in the finale.

This is a very British western that concentrates on the lead characters without distracting from the plot.

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