Monday 2 November 2020

Lockdown 2: Eat Less For More

I love cooking. First I'm going to sing the praises of London's 'Sam's Restaurant' purely because they made a highlight of something that I love. Steak and kidney on toast - toast and dripping that is. Anyone who can promote toast and dripping can do no wrong. Back in time, the early 1950's, when rationing was on the idea of steak and kidney - well it would have been scarce. A cube of steak and a kidney halved on toast and dripping went down well. The most essential ingredient of dripping is the jelly for that is the goodness. Today I still make pork, chicken or turkey dripping. I find most TV cooks make a meal and then taste it with a comment of self satisfaction. Though some make me laugh as they admit that they did not know that a kipper was a herring or that making your own apple or mint sauce is cheaper than shop bought. Bring back the days of Philip Harbon and Fanny Craddock who taught us how to cook. And our grandparents who taught us the rest.

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