Sunday 20 January 2019


The Grum Reapur is about saving lives.

These sculptures come from the imagination of anti- suicide artist Brad Humble himself a suicide survivor and mental health activist.

After years of being considered a 'freak' he was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). The long journey of self-discovery unleashed the inner artist within and the Grum Reapur was born.

This talented artist has a gallery of his paintings on show; he is,also, a writer and poet. Currently, he is working on a Grum Reapur comic.

I am flattered that he asked me advice about writing but after reading some of his work I do believe that he has taught me a thing or two.

Brad Humble has a website that contains a blog and a gallery of his art and a shop for his pieces. There is a Facebook page 'Grum Reapur Club' that is also a support group.

I leave you with these words from Brad Humble: ' I don't have definitive answers and I may get it wrong from time to time, but I will always trying my hardest to help individuals and the collectives,
that is why I donate a percentage of my annual income from the Grum Reapur to mental health charities and organisations throughout the U.K.

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Unknown said...

He's doing a fab job. Wowing people with his art and creating a safe place for people to vent, get advice, mentor others and have a mentor. Also found a way for people to not be alone whilst watching movies. A true inspiration.