Wednesday, 17 June 2015


A short while back we knew that the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops 3, was given a release date of 6th November 2015. Not that we knew much about the game but there you go - and I was there with a fiver in my hand standing at the counter of Game quite happy to book my pre-order. The reason that I was prepared to dive in blind is because I enjoy the franchise.

Just before E 3 we got the first trailer from this Activision/Treyarch game that showed a broken down landscape in the grip of a scientific techno ruled world. It is 2065, 40 years on from the events in Black Ops 2, and the human population live in fear of a robotic takeover.

The soldiers of this future, when wounded or limbs lost, they are replaced by lethal prosthetics - no longer are these men and women discarded.

The campaign gameplay features four player co-op (sounds like the gameplay on Gears Of War 3). Also there are several specialist characters to choose from - there is a Gunsmith section so that weapons can be modified as well the chance to create your own camouflage and apply it to your weapon.

As E 3 progressed the multi-player gameplay was revealed. A couple of new innovations appeared with the abilities to wall run and utilise a boost jump. Someone - or many someone's - will point at 'Titanfall' for similarities. So what? The same was said about the Advanced Warfare multiplayer - so nothing new there then. Hopefully, we won't get adult kids jumping around like they were in the back garden with their kids (thank goodness for the sanity of Classic mode there).
I digress - no multiplayer does look good and the XP earned comes from multi-tasking.

The Zombie games come in a story mode and multiplayer but to be honest I know next to nothing about this side of the game. In fact it is a mode that passes me by.

Black Ops 3 will come out for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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