Saturday, 1 November 2014

WWE2K15 (video game)

The con is on.

The version for Xbox One and PS4 should have come out on the 31st October - but the release date has been put back. Shades of November 2013 when the new generation games like 'Watchdogs' and 'Drive Club' were due to be released with the new consoles. The latter has only just been released in the last few weeks by which time I had lost interest. And all the waiting for the other proved to be just another GTA clone.

Still and back to WWE2K15 - at least there was a version of the game available for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. So, I thought, I would rent a copy. I knew that I wouldn't see all the refinements but there were reassurances by developers 2K and the usual hype filled magazines who had 'hands on' that the gameplay had been improved. Lessons, they said, had been learned. I was left with the impression that both generation games were identical though.

As soon as the disc loaded I thought that I had put the wrong one in. The promised My Career mode wasn't there; the creation mode was the same as in the previous years and the modes were the same. This could well have been WWE2K14 or 13 (when it was in the hands of the unimaginative THQ who churned out the same game like forever). It looks as though 2K is following on.

All I can say is that having seen the future and come to the conclusion that today is the same as yesterday - I have cancelled my pre-order for the next gen version.

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