Wednesday 16 May 2012


I was curious as I wondered if there was a console game featuring the American Civil War. So I did what comes naturally and Googled the subject. I can tell you that if you put the title above in the search engine there are a number of unexpected results. It appears that there is a section of the gaming community who are tired of fighting in Vietnam and World War 2 and Iraq/Afghanistan like scenarios. They want something differant - American Civil War or anything with a Wild West feel to it tops the list. However, the line is drawn and there is an anti-War Of Independence lobby. This latter does not bode well for the forthcoming Assasin's Creed 3 which has a Revolutionary background to it. Of all the developers around it would be good if Treyarch/Activision created a Call For Duty style game. If not then the Unreal engine from Epic Games would give a differant take - they could come up with a Caleb Thorn influenced storyline. Caleb Thorn was the hero of five books from L.J.Coburn one of the Piccadilly cowboys. On the one hand that gamers are calling for this type of game sounds good to me - on the other it is another media that would enhance the genre. How would the game look? Well, there is a mock up on You Tube - the link is It looks good.

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