Monday 19 October 2009

TERRY MURPHY - Western Writer

A Black Horse Western to be published 30th November 2009

With the relentless bounty hunter Durell close behind, the badly wounded outlaw Maury McRae reaches the small town of Gray's Flat. Nursed back from the verge of death by the beautiful Heather Cordell, McRae discovers what could have been. In need of money, his fast gun brings an offer of work from the ruthless rancher Max Nelson. Learning that his new job involves a serious threat to Heather and her brother is a dilemma for McRae. Trapped in a hopeless set of circumstances yet still hoping to start a new life, McRae sees that dream fade away as a highly dangerous situation develops.

It is good to see Black Horse Western writer, Terry Murphy back in the saddle. It has been five years since the last book by an author who first appeared in 1992 with 'The Forgotten Man'.
This is a tale of revenge by Deputy Joe Lynam who is seeking to bring to justice the men who killed the deputy's father figure and Town Marshall,Will Jordan. Lynam is joined in his quest by a mysterious stranger seeking to lay the ghosts of the past at rest. This character, Dan Kersley, is the forgotten man of the title.
In this book as with the others that followed are very strong on character and Terry Murphy's style is easy on the eye - not on the brain, though. This is because of the way that the pace builds up throughout.
Terry Murphy is one of the handfull of female western writers writing for Black Horse Westerns.
Teresa Murphy lives in Dorset and many of her westerns are on my bookshelf.


Nik Morton said...

Thanks, Ray. I've got her 'Missouri Blood Trail' in my pile to read, so now I'm really looking forward to getting acquainted with 'Terry Murphy'.

Laurie Powers said...

Sounds like a good one. I'm always happy to see female BHW writers. Thanks for the review.

Ray said...

Nik - good book to get acquainted with.