Saturday 17 October 2009


Gary Dobbs at The Tainted Archive has always thrown his weight behind the revival of the Western. He invented the term Wild West Monday and has made a petition available to be signed at his blog.
Back in the day Broken Trails was always behind this idea.
Gary Dobbs, in the past, has put his money where his mouth is by writing two best-selling westerns under the name of Jack Martin.
The first, 'The Tarnished Star' topped both the pre-order and bestseller western lists for months. His new book 'Arkansas Smith' not due out until March 2010 is already the number 1 in the pre-order charts.
This is itself prooves that things like self-promotion and ideas like Wild West Monday do work.
Broken Trails closed because there was a glitch that would not allow it to continue. The security certificate, according to Microsoft, was not valid for The only way it could be got into was by switching off the security system. But after fidling about for some time some friends found the problem and now the page can be accessed. Obviously.
The sad thing was that all this happened just weeks away from the first anniversary of the beginning of Broken Trails.
The big question is do you, the readers and followers, want Broken Trails back?


Steve M said...

Yeap! There can't be too many sites promoting westerns.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Yes Ray we do

Ray said...

So do we.
But it's all down to the man himself.

Chris said...

Um, let me see...YES!!

Laurie Powers said...

Come back, Ray, come back....

Randy Johnson said...

Yes. definitely. This is a site I checked daily when you were running it. I'm just greedy enough to want more.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Bring it on, Ray!