Monday, 13 July 2009


Revenge At Wolf Mountain
Chuck Tyrell
Black Horse Western
Published 2006

Ex-lawman Garet Havelock and his wife Laura have come to Silver Creek with the intention of settling down and leaving the past behind them.
Leaving Laura to look after the homestead Garet goes off to bring home some horses and while he is away Laura gets a visit from local rancher, Loren Buchard, who tells her that he wants her land.
While in town she meets the daughter of another neighbour Rita Pilar and both she and Laura strike up a close friendship. On her return home she is brutaly raped and scarred - both mentally and physically - and seeks sanctuary with the Pilar family.
When Garet returns home Laura refuses to see him - she no longer feels that she is the woman that Garet married.
Anyone who thinks that this is a book about Garet Havelock going on a revenge trail will discover that this is also a book about the relationship between the ex-lawman and his wife that is the real centre piece for this novel.
Chuck Tyrell was born and bred in the Arizona countryside that embraces above and below the Mogollen Rim - country that he brings to life as the backdrop to this engrossing story.
To date Chuck Tyrell has only written three Black Horse Westerns - the others being 'Vulture City' and 'Trail Of A Hard Man' - but there are two more due for publication and one in the process of being written.

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